Take a look at the different types of individuals and groups who volunteer at Franciscan Outreach. See if you might fit into any of the following categories:

Individuals – Many people are prompted to volunteer at Franciscan Outreach after seeing a homeless person in their community. People choose to volunteer alone or with a family member or friend. They help out in any number of ways. We find that people contact us because they simply want to give back by spending time in service to those in need. Individual members of our volunteer community often leave with a feeling of satisfaction or are humbled by their volunteer experience. This is a win-win for our guests as well as the individual volunteer.

Church groups – Franciscan Outreach has the great privilege to host a number of church groups, some of which have been volunteering for more than 20 years. Many groups also prepare the meals they will serve. Other church groups prepare meals and deliver them to be served by a different group of volunteers. For church groups, providing service to others and developing a community of fellowship are critical components for their volunteer experience. Their volunteer service, whether in providing a meal or serving, is extremely valuable to our organization.

Corporations – We have a growing number of corporate volunteer groups at Franciscan Outreach. We find that after the first volunteer experience our corporate volunteers keep coming back. Some corporations contact us to volunteer as a team-building exercise with their colleagues. Other companies volunteer as part of their corporate volunteer programs that they find help them increase employee engagement, improve the ability to recruit younger employees, and increase the company’s visibility in the community. Corporate volunteer groups often bring along in-kind or monetary donations to aid in our service to the many guests we serve each day.

School groups – Many school groups contact us to help students obtain their service hours for the year. Once students spend a fulfilling day providing service to Franciscan Outreach guests, they often return with family or friends. Students must be 18 years old to volunteer individually. It’s always great to hear that student volunteers enjoyed their service so much that they keep coming back.

Other non-profit groups – Franciscan Outreach is sometimes contacted by other non-profit groups who are interested in learning more about helping men and women or are marginalized and homeless. Most often, volunteering with Franciscan Outreach is not only rewarding experience, but it is an educational one as well.