The mission of the Ambassador Board is to raise awareness about the work of Franciscan Outreach, assist in fundraising for the organization, increase public understanding about homelessness in Chicago and recruit individuals willing to invest their time and resources in the organization.


Prospective Ambassador Board members must be socially committed and dedicated to making a difference in the lives of men and women who are marginalized and homeless in Chicago


Each ambassador is expected to volunteer six times a year in any of the following ways: participate in a networking event, volunteer at a Franciscan Outreach fundraising event, and/or volunteer at a Franciscan Outreach location. Volunteering not only supports the work of Franciscan Outreach, it helps ambassadors become familiar with the needs of guests and the programs and services that serve them.


General Ambassador Board meetings will occur four times a year and members are expected to attend at least 2-3 scheduled meetings.

Focus Areas:

  • Raise Awareness
  • Raise Funds
  • Direct Service
  • Recruit Ambassadors

Core Areas of Responsibility:

Event Growth

  • Help seek out and secure event sponsorships
  • Procure goods and/or services for events
  • Increase event attendance
  • Promote events and fundraising campaigns

Increase Awareness & Support

  • Raise awareness by sharing information and connecting individuals to Franciscan Outreach’s social media, website and events.
  • Identify opportunities to showcase Franciscan Outreach’s traveling gallery, A Portrait of Homelessness in Chicago.
  • Host community events, such as clothing or food drives, at schools, churches or organizations to benefit Franciscan Outreach.
  • Attend chamber of commerce events in communities near Franciscan Outreach to increase awareness about the organization on a local level.
  • Invite professional and/or personal connections to events to help Franciscan Outreach reach new people.

Direct Service

  • Quarterly service days to volunteer as a group with other ambassadors.
  • Prepare and/or serve meals as an individual or with a group.
  • Manage regular skills building or training groups for guests, such as computer skills training or resume building.

Ambassador Activities

Participate in regular networking activities to increase awareness about Franciscan Outreach and issues facing people who are marginalized and homeless in Chicago, Including:

  • An annual half-day retreat to build community and reflect on the meaning and nature of their board involvement.
  • Quarterly service days with other ambassadors at Franciscan Outreach locations.
  • Annual social events organized by the Ambassador Board.
  • Annual fundraising events organized by Franciscan Outreach.

For further information about joining the Ambassador Board,
please contact Sally Berkhia at sally@franoutreach.org